A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

SALUDIM CRAWLERS - (Mac and Windows)

Energy is multipurpose in this game. When energy runs out, it's game over, but energy is used to buy upgrades, provide vision to the player, and ward off crawlers.

Use mouse wheel to adjust light radius and energy burn down rate
Use T key and LMB to place turrets
Use ESC key or RMB to cancel turret

-There are five levels and no energy refills, so plan accordingly!

-Turrets cost 200 energy to build.

-Once you get the repelling light upgrade, increase your light radius until the enemies stop getting near, but keep in mind the fifth level enemies are immune.

Made with Unity
VCR OSD Mono font by Riciery Leal (dafont)

Programming and Art: Grayson Honan
Level Design and Sounds: Nicolas Brown
Music: Meggie Demirer


Saludim_Windows.zip 22 MB
Saludim_Mac.zip 26 MB